Her Own Patch of Rain: The Prayer of a Young Daughter

Her Own Patch of RainHelen Baylor is a WELS member (Atonement Congregation). She served the MPS as a school counselor for years. She is a gardener, a mother, an artist, and a graduate of the “Guide Me With Your Counsel” curriculum. She presently lives in Mequon.

This book is about family tradition, Christianity, growing things, and family. It involves a practical demonstration of both the Repentance Model and the Forgiveness Process.

Hon is a young daughter and she and her two siblings, Sammy and Florence, face a summer of drought and the separation of her father from the family. Depression and couple conflict are seen through the eyes of this child as she talks to her mother. Her mother tells her the story of her life as a child when her father left the family for awhile. While that helps Hon, what really helps her is the power of the “Living Water that quenches spiritual dryness for future generations.”

Parents will be helped as they read this book and struggle with how to talk about their marital difficulties with their children. Children who are seeing their parents in conflict will be helped as they struggle with the uncertainty of their future.

You will be enriched as you read this simple story of love – the love of a daughter for her family and for her Lord. The message of God’s Word builds trust.

Baylor, A. Helen, Her Own Patch of Rain: The Prayer of a Young Daughter
A Pleasant Word – a division of Wine Press Group, Mequon: 2010. 78 Pages.

Book Review by Alan Siggelkow

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