The Effective Soul Care Partnership Project


to serving God’s people through a strong partnership between WELS/ELS Pastors, the WELS/ELS Christian Therapy Network.


for WELS/ELS Pastors and WELS/ELS therapists to:

  • Understand the unique roles we each have in spiritual and mental health counseling
  • Grow appreciation for the expertise of each other – the clinical role of therapists and the shepherding role of pastors
  • Establish avenues for consultation and partnership between WELS/ELS Pastors and WELS/ELS therapists


collaboratively by WELS/ELS Christian Therapist Network, Christian Family Solutions, and WELS Special Ministries.

Christian Therapist Network
WELS Special Ministries

A collaboration for more effective counseling

The Effective Soul Care Partnership Project will offer a series of opportunities for Pastors and WELS/ELS Therapists to partner and learn from one another. Everything we do will focus on how we can best serve God’s people by working together.

The first discussion opportunity will be a series of counseling case studies presented by WELS/ELS therapists and pastors. The discussions will begin with a demonstration of a pastor and a therapist consulting on a particular case.

We will first demonstrate how a pastor might approach that case, then how the therapist would approach the case.

Together we will observe the differences in approach and expertise. Those in attendance will have the opportunity to discuss the overlapping areas, clarify the unique expertise required to serve God’s people in this case, and identify best practice procedures in both the clinical and pastoral roles.

WHEN: These discussion opportunities are free to pastors and therapists and will be offered through the venue of pastoral circuit meetings. WELS or ELS affiliated therapists also will be invited to attend through the WELS/ELS Christian Therapy Network.

These discussions will be offered via Zoom and will last for 90 minutes each.

TOPICS: The first case study will discuss marital counseling. Future topics may include depression, anxiety, and gender issues.


Circuit Pastors

Contact Angela Glaeske at Christian Family Solutions at [email protected] to schedule a case study at your next circuit meeting.


Therapists are encouraged to participate and grow their ministry through Effective Soul Care Participation. Therapist attendance stipends are available. Contact Angela Glaeske at Christian Family Solutions a [email protected] to schedule a time.

Questions or comments?


For information about The Effective Soul Care Partnership Project, contact WELS Special Ministries at [email protected] or 414-256-3241.


For helpful counseling resources and a directory of WELS/ELS therapists visit our homepage at

Christian Family Solutions

For clinical resources including higher levels of care for more acute mental health needs, contact Christian Family Solutions at 800-438-1772.

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