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Commentary on relevant books. Encourage and bring hope to those troubled by mental health with the ideas and suggestions found in these books. The WELS / ELS Christian Therapist Network does not support or suggest that all of the content in these books is Scriptural. Please read these books and compare what they say to God’s Word.

We are constantly looking for people to review books for us. If you have a book that you have found especially helpful in the area of mental health needs and would like to write a review, we would be happy to provide you with a book reviewer’s template. We reserve the right to edit your review. Please send us a note on the contact page and suggest the book you would like to review or we can suggest one for you. Your name will be attached to your submission as the reviewer.

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From Dirty to DancingThis book is not only for those addicted to porn, but also for concerned parents, betrayed spouses, called workers, and those caring enough to reach out to a hurting brother or sister in Christ who is or has been hurt or enslaved by porn.

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