Survey Results.


The rational of the survey was to poll the current individuals listed as members of the network to ascertain their knowledge about the network. Historically, the network has struggled with an identity of what it does and who it is intended to help. One of the original goals was to serve as a resource to help direct WEL/ELS members and clergy towards qualified, confessional counselors. The Network of therapists was also created to potentially serve as a resource to the public and ultimately, be a professional organization that could assist practitioners; offering CEU’s and other peer-services, etc.

Numerous attempts have been made over the past several years since the Network’s inception to crystalize the intent of the group, with limited success. The survey is being offered as a way to accomplish that goal. There is a two-fold purpose to the survey questions:

1Identify what the network’s intent is and how to increase visibility / identify

2Ascertain how to specifically be a benefit and a resource to its members.

Overall, it is intended to help understand how to brand the network and to establish momentum towards that process.